Human to human

The very same people we employ to protect us, have also failed us. They take the stereotypes of the world and stuff it into a court room full of cameras and families- begging for answers. But that is simply politics, too complicated for the rest of us to understand.

Well, as I was told.

I’ve also always been told to be a lady- to cross my legs, and use the proper utensils, to mask my emotions, to go cook in the kitchen, to clean the house and wash the dishes, while picking up after the guests and the rest of the men in the house.

And every time I’m scolded, I think to myself: When did we loose touch with ourselves? It seems to be, nowadays, that we all have our roles, and our only purpose in life is to fulfill them. Anyone who chooses to stray from this “natural order” must be a fool.

How dare we raise our voices in defiance, and stomp our feet on the ground like children? We are puppets, I tell you. Can anybody explain to me, who tied us? Who put our masks on and expected us to throw a show. As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage…”

Would it be a crime, to exit left? To hang up all the equipment, and have a drink? Everyone is so uptight. Looking for the titles and acclamation in everything they do. That, is petty. These people, while doing harm to the world, do it to themselves. They forget too quickly why we were put on this Earth.

Nobody is special. Nobody is different. We’ve created things to divide us, to define us, to hold dear so that we might be unique. But none of it is strong enough erase the fact that we are all humans-  that we inhabit the same Earth, and share the same  histories, dreams, and stories.  What has made us forget? And why is it taking so long to remember?

-the unblackgirl


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